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This week I am going to do a series of posts on petite fashion. More specifically, petite retailers and designers. If you are petite and feel like you have limited options when it comes to shopping, then you are going to want to stay tuned.

Believe it or not, there are petite designers & retailers that focus on pint-sized women like you and I. And not just a petite “section” but entire boutiques for petites. Isn’t that terrific?!

I say let’s show our support for these petite designers & retailers because if as petites we don’t, then who will? The next time you need a dress for work, a classic piece like a trench coat, or a fun party dress think petite! Take a stance against the fashion industry. If you want it to change you have to start by letting the fashion industry know you are not going to settle anymore. Stop with the rolling up of sleeves on coats & tops, tucking in of the pants/jeans. Stop with the alterations. Support retailers & designers who truly see you as the fashionable woman you are. Shop Petite.

Make sure to check the blog on Tuesday for our 1st petite designer/retailer in this weeks series.



The 16th Bar Petite Womenswear

Sheez Petite

Twisted Petite


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