Walking Tall {The 16th Bar Petite Womenswear}


Who designed this not only gorgeous, but empowering t-shirt? Meet “history’s first petite luxury brand“, The 16th Bar. A luxury label for women 5’5″ and under.

Frankie Rodriguez, the designer making history, founded The 16th Bar Petite Womenswear brand even after she was advised against it. Who could possibly think that it was a bad idea to start a “petite” luxury brand?  After all, almost half of the women in the USA are petite. I personally love this statistic because for the longest time I thought I was the only “petite” girl. I am glad to hear there are more like me out there.

In fashion, petite refers to height not weight. Petite women are no different from the average women, we too come in different shapes. The 16th Bar understands this and thus you can expect not only a high quality design, using correct proportions but also one created to make you look slimmer and yes even taller. As a fellow petite, I am all for looking even a few inches taller.

Let’s talk fashion! It sure feels good to be petite when you are browsing though the high quality designs of The 16th Bar. Just take a look at this beautiful Petite Leather Moto Jacket. This lovely Classic Petite Moto Jacket is handcrafted in the USA from soft lambskin and lined with 100% silk lining. The Petite Trench Coat is definitively an investment piece every girl needs to have in their personal collection. The 16th Bar’s Petite Trench Coats are handcrafted to last a lifetime and most importantly made to fit the petite woman perfectly.

I am pretty much speechless with the entire collection. I know one thing, if I ever have to walk a red carpet and I am asked who am I wearing, it will be The 16th Bar designed by Frankie Rodriguez.


Shop: “Petite is the New Black” T-Shirt ($30), Petite Leather Moto Jacket, Petite Trench Coat

5 thoughts on “Walking Tall {The 16th Bar Petite Womenswear}

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    • I think every petite needs this t-shirt. Oh and my husband also does that, especially with my snacks like chocolate. So if he is not home, I have to get a chair to be able to reach it.

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