Sheez Petite

SHEEZ Petite

Today, I wanted to tell you about Sheez Petite, an online petite boutique specializing in fashions for  women under 5’4″. Sheez Petite was founded by a fellow petite who was frustrated with the lack of trendy fashion options for petites. If you are petite, you know exactly what this means. Just walk into any major department store and check out their “petite” section. Good luck finding anything that you would actually wear. Sheez Petite carries trendy pieces for the modern woman.

The petite fashions found at Sheez Petite are not only stylish, but of high-quality. Which is good to know because no one wants to buy something that you can only wear once. And believe me, you are going to want to wear Sheez Petite fashions more than once!

Here are a few of my favorites from Sheez Petite. Can I tell you secret? I had a such hard time choosing only a few pieces.

Aren’t these dresses gorgeous? The classic look of these dresses make it easy for women to wear regardless of age. They will look just as good on a woman in her 20’s as one in her 60’s.

This lovely white lace top is a favorite at Sheez Petite. I love the animal print blouse. And of course, I am a sucker for cardigans & polka dots. You could easily wear all of these tops for both work & casually. Pair any of these tops with nice slacks or a skirt and a blazer for work. Or with a nice pair of jeans for a more laid-back but polished look.


I know it’s almost spring, then summer but I am crazy for this blue coat! And I am not the only one. I told my friend about Sheez Petite and she was instantly attracted to this blue coat as well.  The color is gorgeous and the style is so chic.

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5 thoughts on “Sheez Petite

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  2. Wow, I love that lace top and blue coat! I know what you mean about the difficulty of finding petite clothing. Thanks for sharing this store with us!

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