Fashion Follow Friday {Who, Why, Where?}

It’s finally spring & Friday! Wishing you all warmer days.

Today, I wanted to share with you two of my favorite blogs. I like to follow all kinds: street-style, petite fashion, lifestyle blogs, food & craft blogs and so on. With fashion, I like it to be diverse- curvy, petite, tall, average, thin, etc. I like to see how fashion bloggers of all colors, shapes, and height are doing their thing. They keep it real and they exude confidence.


Bianca in a stylish outfit for The In Between Girls.

Who: Bianca at The In Between Girls

Why: This fashionable blog celebrates girls in between sizes, between normal sizes and plus-sizes. Bianca shows you having style has nothing to do with weight. She shares gorgeous outfits such as this and embraces her in-betweeness. She also has a series, Fitness Fridays, that you should definitively check out for inspiration and healthy eating tips.

Connect with Bianca on Twitter


Sam looking chic for La Petite Pear.

Who: Sam at La Petite Pear

Why: Sam keeps it real and affordable when showing you how she dresses her pear shape. Her posts consists of clothes that are realistic for her life, yet trendy at the same time. She resides in NYC, so I always enjoy seeing the background of the city. She also has a series, Fashionistas in Flats, where women show off their stylish looks in flats.

Connect with Sam on Twitter

If there are any other blogs I should be following, please let me know! I love blogs that are out of norm.



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