Pencil Skirts for Petites

Pencil Skirts for Petites

Ah the pencil skirt-a timeless wardrobe staple. The petite pencil skirt is far from boring with different styles & prints readily available. From your classic office pencil skirt to fun prints such as polka-dots & animal prints. Usually, I am not a huge fan of floral prints, but in pencil skirts I really like them. Perhaps it’s because the pencil skirt has such an elegant look about it that it makes pretty much any print stylish.

What to wear with a petite pencil skirt? For an evening out, perhaps a chic blouse or even a fun t-shirt (maybe The 16th Bar’sPetite is the New Black‘ t-shirt). For work you could wear a nice top or a basic tee with a blazer/cardigan or a lightweight sweater, plus nice necklace. A thin belt looks the best with pencil skirts. Oh and petites, I am sure I don’t have to tell you, but I feel like a pair of nice heels/pumps look the best with these type of skirts.

I have a hot pink pencil skirt that I am really looking forward to wearing more of this year. Once the weather stays warmer, I shall wear it. The weather here in Dallas has been pretty bipolar–a mix of really gorgeous sunny days with cooler rainy days.

Do you have a favorite petite pencil skirt print?


Leopard Print Petite Pencil Skirt/The Limited {$60} 40% off with code: FASHION

Flower Print Petite Pencil Skirt/Sheez Petite {$58} 40% off sale with code: PFW40

Paisley Petite Pencil Skirt/Ann Taylor {$89}

Sloan Petite Pencil Skirt /Banana Republic {$80}

Petite Faux Leather Trim Pencil Skirt/Ann Taylor {$89}

Petite Polka Dot Pencil Skirt/Loft {$70}



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