The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: México (A/W 2014)


Did you know that México’s Fashion Week is this week? This will be the 15th edition of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week México powered by American Express. I always hear so much about Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, but honestly this is the first I have ever heard of Fashion Week México. I wish I would have gotten an invite. Se les olvidó invitarme!!

Fashion Week México (Autumn/Winter 2014) kicked off yesterday and will go through Friday, April 4th. The designers at Fashion Week México include: Alejandro Carlín (opened up fashion week), Pineda Covalin, Tregua, David Salomon, Julia y Renata, Macario Jiménez, Naye Quiros, Sandra Weil, Alexia Ulibarri, Jorge Duque, Grypho, Lydia Lavín, Black by Lozanne, Royal Closet, Lorena Saravia, Simple y Trista, Pink Magnolia (love this name), Malafacha, Zingara, and Alejandra Quesada. Additionally, two Universities- Jannette Klein and Centro will each be presenting a select group of students’ designs. How exciting!

To learn more about the talented designers presenting at Fashion Week México click here. I am quite excited to see what they have in store for Autumn/Winter 2014.

To stay up-to-date with exclusive coverage of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week México make sure to check out Caras and on twitter @fashionweekmx.

Here is an interview with Paola Wong the designer behind Pink Magnolia. I found it very inspiring! She talks about how she realized creating fashion was her passion when she was very young. She grew up watching her grandmothers and mother sew clothes for her. And did you know she launched Pink Magnolia while in school?! Pretty amazing! I really really want to meet her!!


México knows fashion! México sabe de moda!






Image Source: Fashion Week México



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