Petite Thrift Store Finds

Okay ladies, so yesterday I shared with you a few helpful thrifting tips for petites. Today, I wanted to show you some of my finds from last weeks thrifting trip.


I found this Ann Taylor Tweed Print Wrap, this exact one! It’s in perfect condition, and I want to say I paid about $3 for it. It’s not a petite size, but luckily the one I found at the thrift store was size XS so it fits me perfectly. When I saw it, I thought it would be perfect for work with slacks or even a skirt.


Next I found this Merona cap sleeve french terry top ($5). I remember seeing this top at Target only a few months ago. It looked practically brand new. It didn’t have the tags but it didn’t look like it had been worn at all.


Remember, I was looking for skirts & dresses. Well, I had no luck with dresses but I did find these two skirts. A black BCBG skirt ($4) and a Merona black and white skirt ($5).

And last but not least, I found these two jackets. I found a Loft blazer ($9) and a Loft casual green jacket ($3). The blazer is not petite but the sleeves were not too long. So I can easily roll them up slightly for a modern look. The green jacket is very lightweight so I can wear it during the spring over a tank top. I also found a J. Crew blazer in blue, petite size for $9, but I ended up not buying it because I already have a blue blazer. Although, if I go back and it’s still at the store I might just be tempted to pick it up.

As you can see, it is possible to find great stuff at the thrift store even if it’s not “petite.” If you haven’t already, make sure to take a look at my thrifting tips for petites, as that’s how I ended up finally finding clothing pieces for myself.

I found most of the items at the Family Thrift Center (Dallas area), blazer at Goodwill, and BCBG skirt at New2U in Plano. To find a thrift store in your area, just click here.




Thrift Store Shopping Tips for Petites

thrifttipsforpetites(Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons, has been modified from original source)


Thrift shopping can be fun for some, but for me it use to be frustrating. Being petite, clothes shopping in general can be difficult so thrifting always ended up as a fail for me.

I would be so excited about it up to the point I actually walked in. How could I possibly find something trendy AND in my size? I would give up right away and walk away with nothing. Yet, I know people who go thrifting and they always seem to find great pieces at fab prices. I always thought it was because they were not petite that they had better luck than I. However, after a recent trip to a few local thrift shops and some research I found out thrifting is possible even for us petites.

I found these thrifting tips for petites very helpful (in fact I even finally bought a few trendy pieces for myself!):

Be Patient

This is probably the one thing I was not doing in my prior thrifting excursions. I would walk in expecting a “petite” section. I did not have the patience to look through the clutter of clothes.

Go with the mindset that this shopping adventure will take both time to do some digging and lots of patience. Don’t give up after looking at a couple of things.

Have a Plan

I found out that having a plan made thrifting so much easier. When I went knowing exactly what I wanted and planned accordingly then I did much better than when I just went in without knowing what I wanted.

Since the weather is pleasant and it is only going to get warmer, I knew that I really wanted to find at least a dress and/or a skirt. So when I went thrift shopping last week, I checked out the skirts/dresses racks first, then moved on to tops & blazers. Blazers are great in all seasons. During spring & summer they are perfect for the office over a sleeveless top or dress. Plus, I really just wanted to expand my blazer collection.

Regardless of when you go thrifting, just make sure you have a plan as to what you would like to find as it helps keep you both on budget and will save you some time at the store.


This a great tip I found through Pinterest. Keep an eye out for clothing pieces you can easily refashion. If you find something you love–maybe it’s the fabric or print on an item, don’t give up on it just because it’s too big. Some clothing items have great potential, you just have to be a little creative.

If you know how to sew, or have a relative inexpensive tailor, then go ahead and buy that too-big for you clothing item.

Need to be inspired? Check out what these fashion bloggers did with their thrift finds.

refashioncollageTo see how Extra Petite transformed a blouse into a cute top, click here. Are you into florals? Then check out Ruffles & Stuff for their floral dress diy or Cotton Curl’s floral skirt project. Need a new dress for the office–then Our Life is Beautiful has a DIY for a peplum dress.

Check Out the Big Kids Section

If you sometimes check out the big kids (children’s) section at the major retailers then you should do the same at thrift stores. Plus their prices might be even less, meaning you will save even more!

Go Often

Regardless of whether you are petite or not, your best chances of finding great clothing pieces is by going to the thrift store often. They are always getting new items so if you don’t have much luck one week, then instead of giving up (like I had done in the past) give it a try on a different day or the following week.

After trying out these tips for myself, I realized…I actually enjoy thrifting! Just remember…Don’t give up. Don’t get frustrated. Try again!

Do any of you have any other thrifting tips for petites?




Petite Summer Skirts & Dresses Under $50 {Plus How to Win a $25 Gift Card}

Petite Summer Skirts & Dresses

Who is ready for the summer? I am…kind of. You see for us here in Texas our summers are usually unbearably hot…100+ degrees. Right now, it’s been mostly pleasant, 70-80 degree weather. However, I know hotter days are coming.

During summer, I like to wear mostly dresses & skirts for both work & on the weekend. Even though the office is kept cool, it can get warm in your car as you are driving (yes…even with the air conditioner on). For the office, if the dress is sleeveless, I usually take a light-weight cardigan with me. And on the weekend, I like wearing cotton dresses like the blue polka dot pictured above, simple and comfortable!

If you are looking to update your summer wardrobe, please check out my collection on Mavatar of Petite Skirts & Dresses Under $50. Plus, each month, two of my readers who make a purchase from one of my Mavatar collections will get a $25 gift card! So how does it work? To enter, all you have to do is simply share a screenshot or photo of your receipt of an item you purchased online from one of my collections and post it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #mymavatar and tag me (tag me on twitter as @bonjour_chica and on Instagram as @bonjourchica). That’s it!

If you would love to participate but are not on Twitter or Instagram, or do not want to share your receipt on social media, you can still participate. Just send me an e-mail with the screenshot or photo of your receipt to and I will forward it on to Mavatar so you can be one of the two lucky winners of the $25 gift card of the month.

Here is my collection of Petite Skirts & Dresses Under $50, and don’t worry if you are not petite, these items also come in regular sizes! So click, take a look , shop and enter to win a $25 gift card!!

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Think Pink {ColorBlocking for Spring/Summer}

Think Pink {Emma Stone}

My favorite look from this year’s Met Gala had to be Emma Stone’s pretty in pink look. I thought she looked gorgeous.

What did you think of this look? I found it fresh, young and trendy. Overall perfect for spring. Even though Emma Stone is not petite, I loved the maxi skirt. Usually, I am not into long skirts because I feel like they make me look even shorter. However, I would wear one with a slit like Emma’s. In fact, when I was in high school I sewed my own maxi skirt with a slit (mine was on the side) and I loved wearing that skirt.

What did you think of the side braid? I personally really liked it. Which by the way, my 4-year-old is obsessed with braids at the moment. Every morning she asks for them, either she wants the Queen Elsa/Frozen look (like Emma’s) or she wants the pigtail braids like Princess Anna. Today she went for the Anna look, yesterday it was the Queen Elsa look. Any other moms out there getting hairstyle requests from their little ones thanks to Frozen?

Don’t forget to check out my Pink Color-blocking Collection on Mavatar to see where you can find tops & skirts to create your own spring pink look.

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Happy 85th Birthday Audrey!!


Did you know today is a day of elegance? It is after all Audrey Hepburn’s birthday. She would have been 85 this year.

Let’s celebrate her birthday by channeling our inner Audrey! Remember Happy Girls are the PRETTIEST!




Gifts for Mom {25 Gift Ideas}

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Growing up, I used to complain to my mother about my height…well among many other things. She was the first person to tell me that great things came in small packages. I was so tired of kids in elementary school continuously asking me why I was so short. So she told me the next time they asked just to inform them that it’s because good things come in small sizes. She used several examples, something to do with a small bottle of perfume. I can’t quite remember, but I do remember it made me feel so much better. I don’t think I ever used that as a response though. I think I just resorted to rolling my eyes and telling them to leave me alone. But if I am ever feeling down about my petiteness, I always remember that conversation with my mother.

If you are not sure what to get your Mother (or the mother of your children) take it from me you can’t go wrong with breakfast in bed (or brunch at her favorite place), flowers and chocolates! You will get extra points if you make her a basket of beauty goodies so she can pamper herself.

Just click on my Mavatar Collection for 25 fab gift ideas in different price ranges (includes items shown above & more!):



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