Gifts for Mom {25 Gift Ideas}

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Growing up, I used to complain to my mother about my height…well among many other things. She was the first person to tell me that great things came in small packages. I was so tired of kids in elementary school continuously asking me why I was so short. So she told me the next time they asked just to inform them that it’s because good things come in small sizes. She used several examples, something to do with a small bottle of perfume. I can’t quite remember, but I do remember it made me feel so much better. I don’t think I ever used that as a response though. I think I just resorted to rolling my eyes and telling them to leave me alone. But if I am ever feeling down about my petiteness, I always remember that conversation with my mother.

If you are not sure what to get your Mother (or the mother of your children) take it from me you can’t go wrong with breakfast in bed (or brunch at her favorite place), flowers and chocolates! You will get extra points if you make her a basket of beauty goodies so she can pamper herself.

Just click on my Mavatar Collection for 25 fab gift ideas in different price ranges (includes items shown above & more!):



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