A Womens Jeans Buying Guide {Superdry}

Superdry Womens Jeans Buying GuideIf you have problems finding jeans (like I do), perhaps this infographic by Superdry can guide you. If it’s hard for you to read, just click on the image and you should be able to zoom in. 

As a petite, jeans are probably one of the most difficult things to shop for. Even though it’s summer, I am always on the lookout for jeans (since my options are always so limited). If you are petite like me, give straight jeans a try. I’ve come to realize bootcut jeans don’t do me any favors. I try to stick to straight cut jeans since they seem to look better on my petite frame. Boyfriend jeans can make me look a little boxy. Superdry has some cute jeans, except I didn’t see any “petite” sizes but we could probably wear the cropped ones! If you are not petite, then you should definitively browse their collection of jeans.

If you are not already washing your jeans inside out, then you should start as Superdry mentions –it reduces fading while washing them. And I can honestly say this is true, as this is how I have been washing my jeans for years. My first job was at Sonic, where we were required to wear black jeans. Washing my black jeans inside out kept them looking pretty new. I wasn’t using the detergent for dark clothing either, just liquid fabric softener. My jeans lasted me longer than other of my co-workers jeans; I could see theirs fade much quicker than mine. I have noticed that when I get lazy and don’t turn my jeans inside out they do indeed fade much quicker.

Are there any other tips you want to share on how to find the perfect jeans?



Lamp Shade Makeover

PicMonkey Collage

A few weeks ago, I found these two old lamps at a thrift store and thought they would be perfect for a makeover. Most of the lamp makeovers I have seen on Pinterest with these kind of lamps, consist of spray painting the base some bright color. However, I didn’t want to paint the base since I actually like the gold look.

For the fabric, I wanted a modern print in black & white. At first I was thinking just stripes and maybe if I could find a fabric with all three colors–black, white, and gold that would be great. I went to JoAnn’s Fabric first but I didn’t see anything that I liked. They did have some black fabric with small white polka dots but I just didn’t like it that much. At Hobby Lobby,  I ended up finding tons of gorgeous modern prints. Ultimately, I ended up with this fabric since it was pretty close to what I was looking for. The fabric was $5.60 a yard, so I bought three yards. I ended up with some extra fabric which I will save for another project.

I found a tutorial online for how to recover a lamp shade which looked pretty easy. However, I had a hard time cutting the fabric to fit the lamp shade. That is until I found this super helpful video that shows you how to draft a pattern for a lamp shade.

Overall, this lamp shade makeover was not too difficult. I could see myself doing it again. It beats paying lots of $$$ for a lamp! While I was at Hobby Lobby, I saw this simple yet classy gold lamp that I really liked …$119 vs. my lamp makeover $13 ($5 for lamp + $8 for fabric).

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How to Style Floral Skirts

Floral Skirts

 I am not a huge fan of flowers on clothing. I personally feel, for me anyways, that they make me look like I am ten. However, in recent years, I have warmed up to floral skirts. I’ve realized that you CAN achieve a chic look with a floral skirt.

The key in achieving a modern look with a floral print is by pairing it with something simple. For skirts or even shorts with a floral pattern, you can throw on a graphic tee with a cute saying, a chambray blouse, a striped t-shirt, or even just a basic tee. As you can see from the outfits above, you can create several different looks with one floral skirt.

I chose a few more floral skirts you might like (besides the ones above) that you might just be able to pick up on sale for the summer. Just click on the Mavatar Collection:

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