Pretty Small Shoes for Petite Feet


Pretty Small Shoes

When you are petite, not only do you have a hard time finding clothing, but shoes as well if your feet are smaller than the average woman. Many times you have to resort to the “big kids” shoe department, which doesn’t exactly carry the styles women with small feet are looking for. This is where Petite Small Shoes comes in and alleviates all of your shoe frustrations.

Petite Small Shoes, based out of London, caters to women with petite feet–which is a UK shoe size 13-3, Euro size 32-35, and US shoe size 2-5. They are the specialist in shoes for women with small feet. They even offer you the opportunity to customize your shoes so that they will feet you perfectly!

Recently, Petite Small Shoes, gave me the opportunity to review a pair of my choice . Now, I don’t exactly have small feet but I do know quality when I see it. The hardest part was the choosing, as they have many small shoes to choose from! I knew I wanted to review high heels, as I am sure the “big kids” department lacks in stylish heels for adult women. Petite Small Shoes carries many different styles of high heels, from the office–to special occasion–to a night out in the town . I finally settled on these beautiful bronze shimmer heels.

I was speechless when I first opened my package from Petite Small Shoes. You could just see the impeccable quality and the color was gorgeous. They are pretty comfy as well. I can see myself wearing these bronze heels casually with jeans to give a more dressy look. I also have a nude-colored formal dress that these shoes would compliment.

I wanted to go ahead and share these Pretty Small Shoes with you as they are currently offering Free Shipping until Monday. They deliver worldwide! So women with small feet, stock up now so you don’t find yourself frustrated later on because you can’t find any shoes for your style.






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