Lamp Shade Makeover

PicMonkey Collage

A few weeks ago, I found these two old lamps at a thrift store and thought they would be perfect for a makeover. Most of the lamp makeovers I have seen on Pinterest with these kind of lamps, consist of spray painting the base some bright color. However, I didn’t want to paint the base since I actually like the gold look.

For the fabric, I wanted a modern print in black & white. At first I was thinking just stripes and maybe if I could find a fabric with all three colors–black, white, and gold that would be great. I went to JoAnn’s Fabric first but I didn’t see anything that I liked. They did have some black fabric with small white polka dots but I just didn’t like it that much. At Hobby Lobby,  I ended up finding tons of gorgeous modern prints. Ultimately, I ended up with this fabric since it was pretty close to what I was looking for. The fabric was $5.60 a yard, so I bought three yards. I ended up with some extra fabric which I will save for another project.

I found a tutorial online for how to recover a lamp shade which looked pretty easy. However, I had a hard time cutting the fabric to fit the lamp shade. That is until I found this super helpful video that shows you how to draft a pattern for a lamp shade.

Overall, this lamp shade makeover was not too difficult. I could see myself doing it again. It beats paying lots of $$$ for a lamp! While I was at Hobby Lobby, I saw this simple yet classy gold lamp that I really liked …$119 vs. my lamp makeover $13 ($5 for lamp + $8 for fabric).

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