Bobbi Brown: Foundation Stick Review

Bobbi Brown Make-Up

I follow Bobbi Brown on twitter, so lately I had been noticing their tweets on the foundation stick. I’ve tried foundation sticks in the past (years and years ago) but not the Bobbi Brown one. I read some reviews and as usual mostly positive but some negatives. Some of the negatives were that it was too heavy. This kind of made me wary about this product, as I don’t like the heavy-too-much makeup look. However, I was out of my tinted moisturizer and thought I would give this foundation stick a try. And that’s how I ended up at Neiman Marcus.

The lady at the Bobbi Brown counter helped me with choosing a color. We tried 3 different colors and ended up with the Warm Beige foundation stick as the best fit for my skin tone. She then proceeded with adding some bronzing powder in Golden Light (1), blush, and creamy lipstick (Uber Pink). She had informed me that with a $150 Bobbi Brown purchase I would get a gift  which consisted of a classic eye & cheek palette, mini mascara, and mini eye cream. I went ahead and bought the foundation stick, bronzing powder, lipstick, and a face brush as I needed some new makeup. I was surprised when they asked me what tote color I wanted, as I still had no idea about their beauty event (free tote with $125 beauty purchase +free samples). I chose the blue one, and honestly I didn’t look inside until yesterday and found all these beauty samples.

I took a photo after the mini-Bobbi Brown counter make-over and here it is:


After my Bobbi Brown makeup counter mini-makeover (wearing BB foundation stick in Warm Beige, blush, bronzing powder in Golden Light, and Uber Pink lipstick)

It’s been only a few days since I have been using the Bobbi Brown foundation stick in Warm Beige, but I really like it. I can tell from the photo, the BB makeup counter lady put more of the foundation on than I usually do. I only need a few small little dabs of the foundation stick, which I blend with the face brush and it looks pretty natural. It doesn’t feel heavy, and it doesn’t melt off. I think a little goes a long way, so if you think it’s too heavy maybe try using a little less. I am also loving the Uber Pink creamy lipstick, which is perfect for day/work.

If you are looking to update your makeup, you might want to check out NM during their beauty event going on until 9/21. That way, you not only get what you need, but also a free tote!



Gifts for Mom {25 Gift Ideas}

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Growing up, I used to complain to my mother about my height…well among many other things. She was the first person to tell me that great things came in small packages. I was so tired of kids in elementary school continuously asking me why I was so short. So she told me the next time they asked just to inform them that it’s because good things come in small sizes. She used several examples, something to do with a small bottle of perfume. I can’t quite remember, but I do remember it made me feel so much better. I don’t think I ever used that as a response though. I think I just resorted to rolling my eyes and telling them to leave me alone. But if I am ever feeling down about my petiteness, I always remember that conversation with my mother.

If you are not sure what to get your Mother (or the mother of your children) take it from me you can’t go wrong with breakfast in bed (or brunch at her favorite place), flowers and chocolates! You will get extra points if you make her a basket of beauty goodies so she can pamper herself.

Just click on my Mavatar Collection for 25 fab gift ideas in different price ranges (includes items shown above & more!):



*This post includes an affiliate link. All opinions are my own.

Smashbox Try It Kit: Halo + BB {REVIEW}


I was debating on whether I should tell you about why I wear minimal makeup (most days no makeup) or about this makeup kit I recently bought. Today let’s talk about the makeup kit by Smashbox, I’ll save my “no makeup” story for next time.

I love buying makeup! I think I just like all the pretty colors & packaging. What usually ends up happening is I wear it once and forget about it. While at Sephora last week, admiring all the pretty makeup, I stumbled upon the Smashbox Try It Kit: Halo+BB. At first, I was hesitant about it because I have a hard time finding the perfect shade for my skin tone. This try it kit comes in: fair, light, light/medium, and dark.

I am so glad I let the beauty consultant (is that what they are called?) put some of the BB cream & Halo on to help determine my shade. The light/medium one fit my skin tone nicely. I went ahead and bought the kit as it came with the primer, halo powder, BB cream, and baby buki brush. The price wasn’t too bad either, $29.

I love the primer, it goes on so smooth! For once, I think I will finish all of the makeup in the kit as I really like it and the portions are small.  I am not a big fan of the caked on look, so this kit was perfect for me. I feel like it gives me a “natural” look but with some coverage.


Smashbox Try It Kit: Halo & BB at Sephora $29 includes: 0.5 oz Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35; 0.11 oz Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder, 0.25 oz Photo Finish Foundation Primer, Baby Buki Brush

Neutrals at the Oscars

Neutrals at the Oscars

My favorite color at the Oscars this year was neutral. Lupita’s dress was gorgeous, but I just could not see myself wearing it in that color. That blue would not look good on me. However, I think neutral looks great on everyone.

I bought a neutral-colored dress for a wedding a few years ago and it is probably my favorite dress of all. I felt really pretty in it and I received a lot of compliments on the dress. And honestly, I think it was on the color alone. Had the dress been another color, I don’t know that I would have gotten as many compliments.

If you have any special events coming up, wedding, prom or banquet, don’t go for the usual colors and instead give neutral a try. Just like black, neutral also gives you a polished look.


Paparazzi Dress/Coast

Flowing Neutral Dress/ModCloth

Diamante Strap Maxi Dress/Jane Norma London

10 Favorite Quotes for the New Year


As part of Endlessly Beloved’s link up, here are 10 of my favorite fashion & beauty quotes for the new year.

To inspire & make you smile throughout 2014.

Source: Pinterest & Riches for Rags

What’s Your Holiday Style?


According to River Island’s holiday style quiz, I am a Trendy Traditional kind of girl. I think that sounds pretty accurate (except I don’t think I could wear plaid pants). Find out what your style is by taking this short & fun quiz!

River Island is a UK High Street fashion retailer. They unfortunately do not have any stores in the States, but they do offer international shipping (up to 8 days shipping time to United States). Currently, shipping is free if your order is over $35.

I was browsing their website and this dress caught my eye:

Black & white collared shift dress (River Island $70)

Black & white collared shift dress (River Island $70)

Duchess Catherine first wore Topshop’s Peter Pan collared shift dress when she was pregnant. If you weren’t able to snag the original, but love the prim look of a collared shift dress, then check out Rivers Island’s version. The Duchess paired hers with black tights & suede black heels. You know how some dresses pair better with heels— I think this one would look just as modish with flats.


How to Wear Heels Pain-Free!! {Comfy Tape}


What shoes do you usually wear to parties? If you are like most women, you probably go for a stunning (but uncomfortable) pair of high heels. After all, pain is beauty, right? What if I told you, you can wear stylish shoes this holiday season without any of the pain?! You can, with Comfy Tape.

Comfy Tape is a silicone gel strip that you place over the area where the discomfort is felt. It’s placed directly onto the skin, not inside your shoe. Unlike other pain relief products, Comfy Tape is super comfortable. You can’t even feel it all!

I have a pair of wedge booties that fit perfectly on one foot, but on the other they are quite uncomfortable. Usually by the end of the day (or more like mid-day) that foot would be in so much pain from the rubbing of the boot up against it. However, with the use of Comfy Tape, I can now wear them all day pain-free! I couldn’t even feel the Comfy Tape! I am so happy I found this product 🙂

Of course Comfy Tape is not just for women or just for high heels. It’s for anyone, for any type of shoe. You can buy Comfy Tape online, or from one of their retail partners ($10 for pack of 8). It looks like they currently are not sold at major stores but hopefully they do soon.

Here is a video that demonstrates how to use Comfy Tape:

How to Use Asian Face Sheet Masks

Love More Face Mask

Whenever my skin is looking dull, I reach for an Asian face sheet mask. There are so many brands & types of Asian facial sheet masks. The masks are made of cloth material which are soaked in different nutrients for the skin, depending on the purpose of the mask. For example, you can find masks for hydration, whitening, anti-aging, firming, revitalizing skin, to prevent dark circles, to restore elasticity & so on. They are cut out to fit your face, although I always find them to be a little large for my face.

Recently, I was at a local Asian market and found myself in the cosmetics section. I love trying out international products so naturally I had to check out what they had. The majority of the masks included the “whitening” component. They were all so interesting: cactus mask, bird’s nest mask, early grey tea mask, broccoli mask & many more! You’ll be surprised by the selection of sheet masks.

Now that I am in my 30’s, I am all about taking care of my skin, so Love More’s Black Caviar face mask caught my eye. The purpose of this mask is to prevent wrinkles and to keep your skin firm. This one did not mention “whitening.” I’ve tried the mask out a few times and to be honest it’s hard to tell if it’s preventing wrinkles. I guess you have to use it long-term to be able to tell. However, I do notice a glow that lasts a couple of days after I use it. So that’s always nice.

Even though the mask is called Black Caviar, it had a pleasant smell to it. You can’t even tell it has caviar extract. The packaging is adorable, it looks like a postcard from France. You can use it 2-3x a week, but I have only been using it about once a week. My box only had 7 masks so it can get a bit expensive if you were to use them 3x a week. I think I remember paying about $10 for the box of 7. They also carry single packets, which were a little over $1. If you don’t want to commit to an entire box, you always have the option of just purchasing a single sheet mask.

Besides Love More in Black Caviar, I have also used My Beauty Diary in Pearl Powder. So far, I’ve had a positive experience with both brands. I just have to warn my husband before I put one on since you can look quite scary! And although your face might feel weird with the leftover serum, just make sure to pat it into your skin. You can even rub the excess onto your neck and hands. It will absorb into your skin pretty quickly.

If you have a local Asian market where you live, check out their cosmetics section for these face sheets mask. If not, there are several websites where you can find Love More, My Beauty Diary & other Asian brands.

Asian Face Sheet Masks/Sasa & NattaCosme

The Burgundy Lip Experiment

Not only is burgundy a fashion trend this fall, but it’s also a beauty trend. Just take a look at December’s cover of InStyle (2013). It’s the girl on fire herself, Jennifer Lawrence wearing a shade of ….yes burgundy!

Can everyone rock this color? Well, that’s what a couple of my friends and I wanted to find out. So we went on a hunt for burgundy lip colors.

Meet Diana, she wanted to find the perfect burgundy lip color for women of color.


Diana doesn’t typically wear lipstick, she is more of a lip gloss type of girl. However, she was unable to find any lip glosses in a burgundy shade so she decided to buy a few inexpensive lipsticks to try out.

Revlon Goldpearl Plum ($6)

Diana found this lip color to be a total fail, as it was a very light color. It did not even come close to burgundy. Nice color but not what she was looking for.

NYC Sheer Red ($1-2)

This lip color was slightly better than Plum, however it had too much of a red-base to it.

Wet & Wild Dark Wine ($1)

This ended up being Diana’s favorite of the three as it was the closest to burgundy. It is lighter than what she expected, but nonetheless a burgundy shade. This would be a great color for those who only want a hint of burgundy.

Diana’s advice to women of color looking for a burgundy lipstick is “don’t be fooled by the store lighting & don’t be scared of the darker burgundy colors.”


So did my friend Linda and I have a better experience? Linda actually went to Sephora to try out burgundy lip colors. She tried a total of 3 but one was not photographed because it was just too red. I tried two different burgundy shades myself.

Urban Decay Shame ($22)

This lip color looked burgundy but on Linda’s lips it looks a bit lighter with more of a red-base. Not what we expected from just looking at the lip color.

Marc Jacobs Saboteur ($30)

This one was better and seemed to have more of a brown-base to it. Again, just as with Shame, the lip color was way darker than it came out. It’s a lovely color for those who are looking for a brown-based burgundy.

Mary Kay Merlot ($15)

I actually love this color! It looks pretty good on my olive skin tone. As I told you in my Mary Kay creme lipsticks post, I was very surprised by this lip color. I had expected it to clash with my skin tone. Again, just like Saboteur, this lip color has a brown-base.

Rimmel London Bordeaux ($5)

This one is a burgundy with a red-base. In this case, the lip color is slightly darker than you see in the picture. I had a hard time photographing myself in this color. It looks a bit more red than it actually is.

What did we learn in our quest to find a burgundy lip color we would love?

I was really surprised by how hard it was to even find a burgundy lip color to try. A lot of them looked too red or way too purple. And as you can see from our pictures, even those that looked like a dark burgundy came out much lighter. If you are looking for a burgundy lip color, try out a few at the makeup counter. Or if you find yourself at Wal-Mart or Target, try to pick the darkest “burgundy” ones that won’t cost you more than a few dollars.

How do you feel about this beauty trend? Do you have a go-to burgundy lip color we should try out?

**Giveaway** Kendra Scott Earrings

UPDATE: This giveaway has ended.


With the holidays coming up, I thought it would be a perfect time for a…giveaway!

Kendra Scott red earrings.

Kendra Scott red earrings (retail $65)

As I had mentioned in an earlier post, this past weekend I attended a fashion event in Dallas where I was gifted a VIP gift bag full of goodies!  These gorgeous red Kendra Scott arrow earrings came in my gift bag. I have too many earrings already, so I am giving them away instead.

With the holiday parties right around the corner, these earrings could be the perfect accessory to that little party dress. Or they could also glam up your casual look!

To enter the giveaway it’s super simple:

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That’s 6 entries if you complete all !! **

Winner will be announced on the morning of Black FridayNov 29th! I will be e-mailing the winner so keep an eye out for  it. Winner will have 3 days to claim the prize. If the winner forfeits prize, a new winner will be chosen through a random drawing. **Must reside in the U.S.A. to win.