Clothes Customized for You {eShakti}


If you are like most women, shopping for clothes can be frustrating at times. And when you do find something you like– it often is either too long, too short, too wide, or worst yet that fab piece you come across doesn’t even come in your size at all. How does shopping for clothes with the freedom to customize it to create the perfect fit for YOU sound? Well, I recently found out this is possible thanks to eShakti whose motto is, “We design. You customize.”

I recently had the opportunity to work with eShakti to see what this whole customization to your fit thing works. I was given complete freedom in choosing one free piece from their collection to see for myself how it all works. The hardest thing for me was choosing a piece, as they have many amazing clothes. I finally chose this short black trench coat because this is a classic piece everyone needs in their closet. As a petite, I am pretty limited in the places that carry jackets in petite sizes. And usually they only carry the long trench coats anyways. This eShakti black trench coat came out perfectly, it fits me just right. Something that bothers me, even about “petite” trench coats it that the belt always seems too long. With the eShakti trench coat, I didn’t have this problem…the belt was the right size for me.

When customizing a piece, you are given the option on choosing a standard size or custom size. Within the custom size option, you then specify your measurements (shoulder, waist, hip, upper arm, etc.). With both standard size & custom size, you provide your height and are given a custom styling option (optional). Custom styling option for the trench coat was if I wanted it to be hip length or as shown in the photo. For other pieces it could be things like, what length do you want the dress to be for example–you like the design but you see yourself wearing it as a mini or mid-calf length, that kind of thing. So not only are you customizing it by your measurements but also by style. I thought this was a great option because there are times I see clothes I like but think, “oh, this would like great if only it was quarter-sleeves, or if it had pockets here.” And what is even better is that the customization is only $7.50 vs. what it would cost to take it to a tailor.

If you have problems when it comes to shopping for clothes, you really have to check out eShakti. They have many different styles to choose from—retro, contemporary, special occasion, boho chic, and all styles are available in sizes 0-36W!! If you shop eShakti, you can get 10% off with promo code “bonjourchica” from now until 11/09/2014. Just make sure you enter it in the promotional code box, it’s not case-sensitive, you can use as many times as you want during this time, and you can use with other promotional offers, but not on sale/clearance or overstock categories. I for one, have my eye on several of their dresses

Wishing you all an awesome week!!



What I Wore to Petite Fashion Week

I didn’t want to make yesterday’s post too long so today it will be all about the dress I wore to Petite Fashion Week.

Yours truly wore this lovely black & beige dress courtesy of Sheez Petite. Ever since I saw it on the website, I was instantly attracted to it. I am a big fan of the classic look. I only wish my photo did it more justice. I am the worst at taking photos at events. I get so distracted with what is going on that I forget to take photos. So please forgive me as this is the only photo I took of myself at the event. Not my best pose either.

I  received a lot of compliments from the ladies at the event on this dress for petite women. They even mentioned how versatile it looked. This dress can easily go from office to happy hour. I can see myself wearing this dress over and over. I can wear it to work, out with friends, to a wedding, to the conference I am attending in April, to church and so on!  You can create so many different looks with it as well. Wear it with a cardigan or a moto jacket for an edgier look, with pumps, strappy heels or booties, with tights during the winter and of course accessorize it with a variety of necklaces.

For a chic look, I added a necklace that I had bought at Forever 21 a while back.

This dress comes in several colors. Red+Black, Yellow+black, and my fave light brown+black. The best part is that Sheez Petite is currently having a sale going on, 40% off with code PFW40!


Light Brown & Black Dress/Sheez Petite $68 40% off with code PFW40

Necklace/Similar-Forever  21 $17

This dress was gifted to me by Sheez Petite after she realized how crazy in love I was with it. All the opinions expressed here are my own. I plan on wearing this petite dress again and again and again….

Denim & Stripes

How was everyone’s weekend? I spent just a tiny bit of my weekend shopping. A lot of stores were having sales. You can still find some good sales today at Gap (vary by store) & Loft (40% of full-price including new arrivals & 60% of sales prices).

Take a look at what I bought at Loft & Gap. shopping for petites

Two-in-One Shirt/Loft ($59.50) 40% off with GET40
Chambray Shirt/Loft ($54.50) 40% off with GET40
Animal Print Pencil Skirt/Loft ($49.99) Extra 60% off no code needed!
Striped Cowlneck Top/Gap ($19.99)

I’ve actually been wanting a chambray shirt for a while but was hesitant to buy one. Mostly because I feel like I tend to look squarish in button up shirts. But since I saw they were in petite sizes at Loft, I went ahead and bought it. I previously had only seen them at other stores and they were too long. I really like the look of the two-in-one, it has kind of  a Parisian look to it. I am attracted to striped shirts, I can’t help it. It’s part of the reason I bought the cowlneck top. Plus, whenever I see cowlneck tops, I always think of Holy Golightly. Online the cowlneck is prized at $19.99 but I found it at my local Gap for only $13 with an extra 30% off. So you might find better sales prices at stores than online. And finally, I bought the animal print skirt because I had been eyeing it for a while now, and I was lucky I noticed it in the sales section. They only had one and it was in my size, so it was mean to be.

I would have done a little more shopping but for one reason or another, these are the things I didn’t buy but wanted to. shopping2

Mixed Moto Jacket/Fossil ($298)
Petite Dot Chambray Shirt/Loft ($59.50) 40% off with GET40
Polka Dot Dress/Fossil ($138)
Mix-stripe Skirt/Gap ($19.99)

The Loft store I went to did not have this petite dot chambray shirt in the petite section. I would probably have picked it up as well, had they had it. There are a few other Loft stores in my area, so I might buy it later on (especially if it goes on sale). I really like the striped skirt at Gap, and it only was $6 with an extra 30% off! The only sizes I saw were S & M. I tried both of them on, and they were too big. The S was a bit loose, which I didn’t have a huge problem with but you know it wouldn’t look good. I actually did go to a second Gap in my area, because come on that’s such a great price for a Gap skirt, but no luck finding a smaller size. And Fossil, why no petites? I can’t tell you how many times I have walked in and coveted many items but bought none because they don’t carry petite sizes. Honestly, the dress might have fit, but I was in a hurry and didn’t have time to try it on. Had they had it in a petite size, I would just have grabbed it and bought it. I really liked this moto jacket but the sleeves would be too long for me.

As you can see, my theme for the weekend was denim & stripes. Now onto my next mission, finding a new pair of nude-colored flats…..any suggestions?