Ombré Hair for Brunettes {Dallas Hair Salon}


I am a big fan of Lily Aldridge’s hair. I think she has some of the best ombré hair out there. If you remember, I tried to do my own ombré hair awhile back with one of those diy home kits. And if you remember that didn’t really turn out that great. I probably didn’t tell you how I even tried to balayage my own hair too. That didn’t turn out too bad, but not great either.

I finally scheduled an appointment with a hair stylist. And not just any hair stylist, but someone who I actually kind of knew. You see I have probably had my hair colored at a salon all time and that was horrible. I always blamed it on my dark brown hair. When I was in college, I remember a friend paid pretty close to $200 for basically nothing. Her hair looked exactly the same, dark brown. And the one time I had my hair colored at a salon, they left it an ugly red. So because of those horrible experiences I had resorted to doing it myself at home.

Recently I met Cynthia and she just happened to be a hair stylist. We started talking about hair and specifically the ombré technique.  She seemed very knowledgeable and I decided to go for it.

I was really concerned about getting it to work on my hair because of what we were starting out with. As you can see my hair was red/orangey but Cynthia was able to color it a more pretty brown close to what Lily has on the top. What I like the most about it, is that it looks natural. After trying to go back to a more natural color on my own in the past, it always ended up looking really fake or way too dark.

I am very happy with my hair and only wish I had met Cynthia sooner. What I also like is that I showed her several pictures and she was able to look at them they way I saw them. Unlike the hair stylist who gave me red hair when I wanted a nice pretty light brown hair color.

If you are in the Dallas area, give Cynthia a call at 214.566.9599 to schedule an appointment. She’s the owner and stylist at Blow Out-The Salon which is located inside Sola Salon Studios {11909 Preston Rd., Ste.1436 Studio #23, Dallas, TX 75230} By the way her prices are very reasonable, plus you get exactly what you want!



My Personal Review of Feria’s Wild Ombre Hair Color

Last year, I admit I thought about going for the ombré hair look.  However, I never got around to it and thought that by now it was too late. Too last season.  However, just earlier this month Féria’s Wild Ombré at-home hair color hit the market.  And I am sucker for trying out new things like this.

I bought a box of Féria Wild Ombré hair color #060 (for medium to dark brown hair).  I considered getting the #070 for dark blonde to light brown hair.  I went ahead with the #060 thinking it would be a safer choice. I was a bit worried about the application.  Their “patented expert” brush was pretty easy to use and the application of the product turned out to be quite simple.  Although, I did have to ask my husband to take a look at the back of my head to make sure I did not miss any spots. And the results…

photo(23) photo(22)

The results were pretty much what all brunettes experience when bleaching their hair- yucky orange, brassy hair.  Which is really what Féria Wild Ombré is, bleach.  To be fair to Féria, the color on the box does kind of look orange and brassy.  They should know by now that they need to include toner.  Wella T14 (Silver Lady) toner removes the orange and brassiness out of your hair.

I was really not impressed with the end-result and would suggest you don’t waste your money. The product is nothing new, you could achieve the same with a frosting or bleaching kit.  The only difference is that Féria Wild Ombré includes their “patented expert” brush.  You could probably use a similar brush and accomplish the same results.  I was reading somewhere that some girls were using toothbrushes to achieve the ombré look.  I am not sure how well that works though.

After my whole experiment, I found some interesting dyi ombré videos on youtube.  You might want to check those out as well.  Here is one that I wish I had seen before trying out Féria’s product.

Have you tried Féria’s Wild Ombré hair color?