Long Hairstyles: Chic Pigtails

holly golightly pigtails

A few years ago, I cut my hair super short (accidentally). Or more like the hair stylist went a little scissor-crazy and cut too much off. I’ve been trying to grow it out ever since. Anyways, whenever my hair was really short all I could think of was of hairstyles I wanted to try, but I couldn’t because my hair was way too short. Of course, when my hair was long I couldn’t think of anything to do with it.

My favorite hairstyle for long hair is Holly Golightly’s chic pigtails. I even found this video that shows you how to easily get chic pigtails. I have tried it and it works! Except, my hair needs a few more inches for it to look good. So I will continue to wait for it to grow. But if you have long hair and don’t know what to do, you should try putting it in pigtails à la Holly Golightly.