Ensambl: The Must-Have Fashion App

Have you ever had a day where you had no idea what to wear?  If you are like most women, you probably have experienced the frustration of getting dressed on days where you lack the motivation. I remember when I was high school, a friend of mine had a sister who one day skipped school because she just couldn’t find anything to wear. Have you ever done that? I know that I have wanted to cancel on events because of this same reason.


I recently discovered an app, Ensambl, that helps you decide on what to wear for the day by showing you different outfits worn by fashion & style bloggers. They feature bloggers such as Bows & Sequins, My Daily Style, With Love From Kat, Bisous Natasha, Who What Wear, Wendy’s Lookbook, and many many more! So it’s like having all these fashionable women in one place. Instead of having to search online and go from blog to blog, you get to see them all in one place. You can scroll through and save those you like by clicking on the heart icon or swiping right (swiping left for those you don’t like). That way you store those that you want to give a try.  You can also click on the outfit and it takes you to the blog post for that outfit. Isn’t that great!


Another great thing about this fab app is that unlike other apps out there, Ensambl helps you by showing you fashion based on the weather. This is really helpful if you are say traveling (you can just change your location) or  you have an event coming up and all of sudden the weather changes and you are left scrambling for a new outfit.ensamblapp1

I am so glad I found this app, as I have already saved quite a few outfits to help me out whenever I need a little inspiration. I don’t have to go online, I have them all saved on my Ensambl app.  It’s a free app, so if you haven’t downloaded this app, you need to! Make sure to follow them on Twitter (@ensambl) and definitively on their Instagram as well (@ensambl).


I would also love it if you checked out my interview on their tumblr- Ensambl- where I shared some of my own fashion inspirations and more.

Have an awesome week!



Fashion Follow Friday {Who, Why, Where?}

It’s finally spring & Friday! Wishing you all warmer days.

Today, I wanted to share with you two of my favorite blogs. I like to follow all kinds: street-style, petite fashion, lifestyle blogs, food & craft blogs and so on. With fashion, I like it to be diverse- curvy, petite, tall, average, thin, etc. I like to see how fashion bloggers of all colors, shapes, and height are doing their thing. They keep it real and they exude confidence.


Bianca in a stylish outfit for The In Between Girls.

Who: Bianca at The In Between Girls

Why: This fashionable blog celebrates girls in between sizes, between normal sizes and plus-sizes. Bianca shows you having style has nothing to do with weight. She shares gorgeous outfits such as this and embraces her in-betweeness. She also has a series, Fitness Fridays, that you should definitively check out for inspiration and healthy eating tips.

Connect with Bianca on Twitter


Sam looking chic for La Petite Pear.

Who: Sam at La Petite Pear

Why: Sam keeps it real and affordable when showing you how she dresses her pear shape. Her posts consists of clothes that are realistic for her life, yet trendy at the same time. She resides in NYC, so I always enjoy seeing the background of the city. She also has a series, Fashionistas in Flats, where women show off their stylish looks in flats.

Connect with Sam on Twitter

If there are any other blogs I should be following, please let me know! I love blogs that are out of norm.