Petite-friendly Jeans

Petite jeans

Petites, it looks like more and more retailers are starting to carry petite-friendly jeans in-store. This week, I have been on the search for jeans to update my wardrobe….and what do you know I found some at stores that I hadn’t tried before.

I knew Target & Gap both had petite-friendly clothing on-line, but I hadn’t seen or tried their “short” sizes at their stores. I stopped by Gap earlier this week since they were having their up to 75% off sale. I didn’t find anything on sale, but I thought I would check out their jeans. Last time I had been inside a Gap, must have been several months back and I didn’t see any petite-friendly jeans that time. However, this time, I noticed they had “short” sizes. So I grabbed a pair and tried them on…and they actually fit pretty nicely. They weren’t on sale, but since it’s so hard to find jeans that fit, I went ahead and bought a pair ($70).

Then just today, as I was at Target getting some stuff I needed….you know I had to check out their clothes. I noticed their sales signs, Buy 1 Get One 1/2 OFF Women’s Jeans. And again, I was pleasantly surprised that they carry “short” sizes in the Mossimo & Denizen jean brands. I grabbed a few styles and tried them on. I am not a big fan of bootcut jeans since even at a “short” size they tend to be a bit longer than I want them. I did find a pair of Denizen modern bootcut jeans that weren’t too long, but I would definitively have to wear heels with them. I ended up buying two pairs of Mossimo straight-leg jeans (modern fit). I paid around $45 for both pairs. The Buy 1 Get One 1/2 Off Women’s Jeans sale is going on now until 10/25. You can also buy them online, as right now they are offering free shipping on all items.

I am just glad to know that from now on, when shopping for jeans, I have more options than just Loft– which had been the only place that I could buy petite jeans from in-store. Now, if only Target & Gap (as well as other retailers) would start carrying other petite-friendly clothes (like trouser pants, dresses, sweaters, etc) in-store as well…..


Casual Friday: Skinnies & Polka-Dot Blouse

Casual Friday: Skinnies & Polka-Dot Blouse

It’s Friday, Friday, Friday!!!

Here is what I am wearing for casual Friday: Polka-dot blouse, Skinnies, Greenish-teal cardigan, skinny watch, blue scarf with pink polka-dots & my riding boots. The items in this post are all similar to what I am wearing (I bought my “outfit” last summer), except for the boots for petite women, which are the exact ones I am wearing. The watch I am wearing has an Eiffel Tower, but I really like this one with the glasses as well.

It’s a rainy day in Dallas. This whole week has been pretty dreary. Hopefully, we get some sun soon. It’s not as cold today, but I decided on the scarf since the office can get a bit cold. Plus, with everyone getting sick, I wanted to stay extra warm so that I don’t get a cold (or flu).

Do you have any go-to outfits for casual Friday?


Polka-dot Blouse & Skinny Jeans/Loft

Cardigan/Target; Kenneth Cole Boots/Dillard’s

Femme Glasses Watch/Forever 21

Blue Scarf with Pink Polka Dots/Amazon