Ombré Hair for Brunettes {Dallas Hair Salon}


I am a big fan of Lily Aldridge’s hair. I think she has some of the best ombré hair out there. If you remember, I tried to do my own ombré hair awhile back with one of those diy home kits. And if you remember that didn’t really turn out that great. I probably didn’t tell you how I even tried to balayage my own hair too. That didn’t turn out too bad, but not great either.

I finally scheduled an appointment with a hair stylist. And not just any hair stylist, but someone who I actually kind of knew. You see I have probably had my hair colored at a salon all time and that was horrible. I always blamed it on my dark brown hair. When I was in college, I remember a friend paid pretty close to $200 for basically nothing. Her hair looked exactly the same, dark brown. And the one time I had my hair colored at a salon, they left it an ugly red. So because of those horrible experiences I had resorted to doing it myself at home.

Recently I met Cynthia and she just happened to be a hair stylist. We started talking about hair and specifically the ombré technique.  She seemed very knowledgeable and I decided to go for it.

I was really concerned about getting it to work on my hair because of what we were starting out with. As you can see my hair was red/orangey but Cynthia was able to color it a more pretty brown close to what Lily has on the top. What I like the most about it, is that it looks natural. After trying to go back to a more natural color on my own in the past, it always ended up looking really fake or way too dark.

I am very happy with my hair and only wish I had met Cynthia sooner. What I also like is that I showed her several pictures and she was able to look at them they way I saw them. Unlike the hair stylist who gave me red hair when I wanted a nice pretty light brown hair color.

If you are in the Dallas area, give Cynthia a call at 214.566.9599 to schedule an appointment. She’s the owner and stylist at Blow Out-The Salon which is located inside Sola Salon Studios {11909 Preston Rd., Ste.1436 Studio #23, Dallas, TX 75230} By the way her prices are very reasonable, plus you get exactly what you want!