Petite-friendly Jeans

Petite jeans

Petites, it looks like more and more retailers are starting to carry petite-friendly jeans in-store. This week, I have been on the search for jeans to update my wardrobe….and what do you know I found some at stores that I hadn’t tried before.

I knew Target & Gap both had petite-friendly clothing on-line, but I hadn’t seen or tried their “short” sizes at their stores. I stopped by Gap earlier this week since they were having their up to 75% off sale. I didn’t find anything on sale, but I thought I would check out their jeans. Last time I had been inside a Gap, must have been several months back and I didn’t see any petite-friendly jeans that time. However, this time, I noticed they had “short” sizes. So I grabbed a pair and tried them on…and they actually fit pretty nicely. They weren’t on sale, but since it’s so hard to find jeans that fit, I went ahead and bought a pair ($70).

Then just today, as I was at Target getting some stuff I needed….you know I had to check out their clothes. I noticed their sales signs, Buy 1 Get One 1/2 OFF Women’s Jeans. And again, I was pleasantly surprised that they carry “short” sizes in the Mossimo & Denizen jean brands. I grabbed a few styles and tried them on. I am not a big fan of bootcut jeans since even at a “short” size they tend to be a bit longer than I want them. I did find a pair of Denizen modern bootcut jeans that weren’t too long, but I would definitively have to wear heels with them. I ended up buying two pairs of Mossimo straight-leg jeans (modern fit). I paid around $45 for both pairs. The Buy 1 Get One 1/2 Off Women’s Jeans sale is going on now until 10/25. You can also buy them online, as right now they are offering free shipping on all items.

I am just glad to know that from now on, when shopping for jeans, I have more options than just Loft– which had been the only place that I could buy petite jeans from in-store. Now, if only Target & Gap (as well as other retailers) would start carrying other petite-friendly clothes (like trouser pants, dresses, sweaters, etc) in-store as well…..


Petite Fashionista à la Mode: Brittany


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Inside My Closet: Work

I am an elementary school teacher and this is a typical outfit that I would wear to work. I think it’s professional enough to wear to parent-teacher conferences, as well as casual enough to wear on the weekends. The scarf is from Kohls Department store. I love wearing infinity scarves because I find they are not too big on my frame. This scarf is my favorite because you can mix and match the pants or the shirt to create completely different looks.

The cardigan(s) is from the Gap. I do not have to shop in the petite section for shirts, so this was found in their clearance section for $9.99. A steal!

My shoes (6 1/2) are from Zara. I am very particular about my shoes. I never wear shoes with heels, pointed, thick soles, or shoes that I think make my feet look too long. These nude flats are perfect. In my opinion, petite women should stick with dainty classic shoes.

And I saved the best for last-PANTS. I have the hardest time finding pants…especially…drum roll please…dress pants. No surprise, right? These pants (4/6) are actually from Target (Mossimo Skinny Fit). My Target does not have a petite section. I can always find these in the Juniors area. I have these pants in a variety of colors. They fit my waist and leg length perfectly. If I ever find a pair that are too long, I tuck them under. I have seen some petite women who cuff their pants. I think this shortens the leg even more and makes you look stubby. Tucking them under gives you a clean straight look. And in my opinion, it can even add one teeny tiny inch to your legs.

Where I Like to Shop

I shop at the Gap, J.Crew, and Target. I have never been to a tailor and I have never purchased petite pants. I find that I can never go wrong with finding ankle pants at these three places. I did have the opportunity to try on a pair of petite pants from Gap that were purchased online & returned to the store, they did not fit my waist or thighs. The length was not the best either. Try shopping at Gap & J. Crew and ask for ankle pants. My tip for shopping at Target would be finding the Skinny Fit or Regular Fit pants and skip the Bootcut.

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Kate Middleton Style: Edgy Velvet Skinny Pants

Kate Middleton Style: Edgy Velvet Skinny Pants
Light Grey Blazer/Macy’s ($59)
Navy Skinny Cords/ Gap ($60 online, stores $40)/ Similar @ Loft
Wedge booties/ Target ($30)

I was stuck at home all weekend due to Dallas’ Icepocalypse. I finally ventured out yesterday for a few hours. Schools in the area were closed for the day, so the mall was pretty packed for a Monday.

These navy cords caught my eye, they instantly reminded of the Duchess Catherine (aka Kate Middleton). Just recently she was seen wearing velvet skinny pants, Aquatalia wedge booties and a grey Reiss jacket. The Duchess sure makes velvet look good! I am really liking the combination of the colors the most: navy blue, light grey, and black. The jacket has already sold out of course. Not that I would have been able to afford it anyway since it was $450+.

The cords from Gap are obviously not velvet pants but they look-alike. Or at least they do to me. For a similar look to Kate Middleton’s, just pair your navy skinny velvet/cords with a grey jacket, your black booties and voilà!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Christmas Sweaters

Who would have thought ugly Christmas sweaters would have become so popular? People actually go out and purposely buy the tackiest sweater possible.

If you are thinking of throwing a party this holiday season, make it an ugly Christmas sweater one! They are so much fun! Or send out a funny holiday card this year with your family in your “best” Christmas sweaters.

Check out my Stytch Pad to see how I styled an ugly Christmas sweater for the holidays.

Cat in Wreath/ Target ($23)
Reindeer Sweater/ House of Fraser
My Ugly Sweater/ Target ($23)
Light Up Sweater/ Rusty Zipper
Gingerbread Men/ Swell
Ya Filthy Animal/ Etsy

Loft’s White Jeans & Blazers

White Jeans & Blazers

This week, I have seriously been considering buying a pair of white jeans. They seem to be everywhere.  When I think of white jeans, for some reason Carrie Bradshaw always comes to mind. I seem to remember her wearing some but I couldn’t find any images of her in white jeans. However, just last week, SJP did step out in a pair of white jeans for the opening of Target’s first store in Canada.

Loft has a great selection of white jeans in both modern & curvy fits. Their petite sizes not only come in both fits but this time you can choose from several different cuts- cropped, straight or ankle.  From what I have seen, the petite sizes usually are offered in one cut and we don’t get as many options. Currently, their modern & curvy skinny white jeans (regular and petite sizes) are on sale for $49.99 with an extra 40% off at checkout without a code!

Something else I am loving this week are Loft’s blazers! They have blazers in several different types of fabrics, colors and prints. My favorite is their shawl collar blazer in a drapey crepe fabric.  The crepe fabric gives the blazer a very soft & light feeling making it perfect for spring. You could wear it with jeans, pants, skirts or a dress. It’s very versatile, especially if you get it in a solid color.

Loft is one of my favorite places to shop because not only do they carry petite sizes that fit me perfectly but they are always having some kind of sale. Most of my purchases from the Loft are from one of their sales. They have great sales too, where you get an extra 40% or 50% off the sales price.  The only time I pay full-price is when I see something in small quantities that I know will probably go quickly.

What are you currently coveting or loving for this spring?

Where you can buy your own blazer & white jeans:

Target + Neiman Marcus Collection: 70% off Sale!

Hola Chicas!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I don’t know why my weekends always consist of over-eating & shopping 🙂  While I was out & about, I found out the Target + Neiman Marcus Collection has now gone on clearance for 70% off original prices! I was at the Target in Plano, TX  and they still had plenty of merchandise! There were racks full of the Robert Rodriguez Dress.

Taget+Neiman Marcus

And they have enough of the Oscar De La Renta totes.  Which I was not impressed with at all. I liked the style of the tote but the design was not what I was expecting from a designer such as Mr. De La Renta.  He should have just left it one solid color, maybe a bright color?

Oscar De La Renta tote

The collaboration between these particular high-end designers & Target/Neiman Marcus did not go off as well as previously expected.   Primarily for two reasons: Too expensive for Target/Quality was not good enough for Neiman Marcus shoppers.  I really liked the  Thomas Browne Women’s Blazer and I even bought it out of excitement.  However, after closer inspection the quality was not what I expected for something of that price ($120).  I have seen blazer’s similar to that price at Banana/JCrew and of better quality.  So I took it back the next day, but now that it is only $38, I might might go get it since it’s more of a reasonable price for the quality of the blazer.

I wonder if this price reduction will help in selling the collection? It was previously 50%, but that didn’t seem to help.  Is the collection selling where you live? Did you buy anything or are you planning on purchasing something now that it’s 70% off??

Well let’s hope the next collaboration is a better one, both for us the shoppers & the designer(s).